Benefits of Hijama (Cupping)

Benefits of Hijama (Cupping)

Hijama is derived from the word hajm which mean sucking. Cupping or Hijama is the process of applying cups at various points on the body to create vacuum and then to suck the impure or harmful blood through the slightly incised skin surface. There are various, specific points on the body for cupping where the skin is pierced and then cups are applied to collect blood. 

Hijama therapy is effective in treating many conditions including digestive problems, joint and muscle pain, asthma, sciatica, fever, skin problems, low fertility and so on. It improves blood circulation, reduces accumulation of blood and lymph, and maintains a balance of the body’s systems.

Moreover, Hijama therapy not only purifies the body but also the mind and soul. I have done Hijama therapy in my family members and I found very good results for the pains on the lower part of body like knees and ankles.

In benefits of Hijama it’s enough for us that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:

“Hijama is the most helpful procedure for human beings to cure themselves.” (Ref: Al Bukhari, 5357)

“Cupping on the back of the neck treat seventy Two illnesses” (Ref: At-Tabarani)

Hijama Therapy is a natural and holistic way of treatment which has been informed to Prophet saw by Allah subhanawataAllah and who else can know better than the creator of everything that what is beneficial for humans. Basically Hijama Therapy is way of detoxification of harmful substances from the body. That’s why any type of cupping is to detoxify the body in a natural way. In this modern age we consume so many different types of food which contains chemical and lot of other processes are involved which decrease the benefits of taking that food and our body cannot able to digest those unhealthy substances and its need detoxification which can be done either by fasting, controlling the diet or by Hijama (wet cupping). Therefore, it is recommended to change our way of living, diets and detox. Hijama is the best treatment for detoxification of different organs of the body including lungs, kidneys, heart, and helpful in removing those dead blood cells which are creating problem for oxygenated blood for proper circulation. Moreover the skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination. So detox helps to cleanse the skin of blockages in the pores, decrease pimples and improve irritating skin condition.

Hijama expands and clears vessels in the spine, neck and skull. It promotes excellent blood flow and oxygenation to these areas.

Hijama increases white blood cells and boosts immune system. It strengthens resistance to disease and inflammation. Hijama improves overall health and makes a person strong.

Hijama removes toxic, blood and changes acidic blood in to alkaline or neutral blood.

Hijama facilitates the increased blood flow around the heart, body and lungs allows for all body parts to receive oxygen properly. 

Urinary condition is eradicated due to Hijama strengthening kidneys, bladder and other internal organs.

Hijama stops constipation and balances irritable Bowel Syndrome of diarrhea.

They are much more benefits of Hijama which can be mentioned in detail but we should know one thing specially being a Muslim we have belief on Hijama therapy is beneficial for our mental and physical health because it has been revealed from Allah Subhanawatallah and our beloved prophet Pbuh was ordered to do it.